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COP27 is about commitment, here’s ours.

Bold action in the face of the climate crisis is urgently needed and during COP27 we are doing our part.

Max Honzik
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Like many others around the world, we are watching COP27 with bated breath and a cautious hope. We see a lot of passion and ambition to make real progress in fighting climate change, but behind all the conversations a crucial element is lacking – action.  

Instead of waiting for it, we are taking a bold step to move climate action forward and invite banks to take that step with us.  

Now is an opportunity to spur real change at a pivotal time in the fight against climate change. Inaction could cost the global economy $178 trillion by 2070 as well as result in the extinction of up to 50% of all species by 2050. Inaction is now an active choice against a better future. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.  

We need real commitment and swift action from all sectors – especially from banking and finance. The question is around climate action is no longer if, it’s how and when. We want to help by giving away our Sustainability-as-a-Service® product for free. 

Interested? Here’s what you got to know.  

ecolytiq is looking to partner with dedicated and ambitious financial institutions. During COP27, we are partnering with financial institutions to provide our entire product suite for free for the first three years. In order to qualify for this chance to make a difference: 

  • You must commit before the end of COP27 Friday, November 18th 2022  
  • You must have at least one million retail customers 
  • You must be willing to integrate our entire product suiteecoAware, ecoEngage, ecoAction – within the next six months. 

The offer extends to the first two front-runners, who decide to embrace the future of banking with a display of real, swift action. This offer reflects the largest commitment we are able to make during this crucial period. 

As a climate tech startup, we specialize in equipping banks around the world with the tools they need to future-proof their value propositions and educate their customers on climate action. To do that, we need you to act now. And we want to support sustainable commitments with bold action. 

In that vein, we are looking for banks just as committed as we are to innovation and a better future, because when it comes to the climate we have many things – time is not one of them. This is a chance to back up claims with commitment and announcements with action. So, do something today that ensures tomorrow.   

Get in touch now!  

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