Boost environmental awareness
and create a sustainability hub.

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ecoAware calculates personalized environmental impact values based on bank transactions.

Key product characteristics

  • Country-specific footprint calculations
  • Open Payment Standard
  • Continuously updated data
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How it works

We use country-specific data sources to provide best-in-class impact calculations

Our environmental footprint calculations, e.g. CO₂ footprints, are country-specific, considering that emissions are very dependent on the country people live in. Our calculation methodologies are based on the Open Payment Standard published by the Organisation for Sustainable Consumption. This Open Source Standard uses the Open Sustainability Registry, a collaborative and constantly updated platform, that ensures precise and topical data for our customers.


Become a sustainability hub

Empower your bank customers by redefining how you treat Corporate Social Responsibility as a financial services provider.

Boost customer attention

Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty. Help your customers use their online banking to fight climate change and retain your existing customer base.

Acquire new customers

Transform your online banking offering into an attractive experience for the sustainability-conscious Millennials and Gen Z.
"ecoAware empowers banking customers with an easy-to-implement tool that increases climate awareness through open-sourced, country-specific and personalized environmental impact calculations.”
Charan Vadlapati
Researcher - ecoAware


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