Enable your customers to take the step
from awareness to climate action.

This is what your frontend could look like

ecoEngage guides bank customers on their journey through integrated feedback loops and useful everyday tips for a reduced environmental impact.

Key Product Characteristics

  • Feedback loops
  • Footprint analytics
  • Peer group comparison
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How it works

The awareness gained through ecoAware leads to a stronger engagement with sustainable living.

With ecoEngage, bank customers receive content and context to their impact on the environment. Integrated feedback loops help refine and personalize individual footprints, while our footprint analytics help the bank customers observe how their footprint is developing over time and which areas are driving the footprint up or down. Through our Comparables and Smart Insights, climate education becomes easy, effective and engaging. The peer group comparison feature allows customers to compare their personal impact with other customers, the country or the European average. Gamification makes climate action fun!

how it works evoEngage
how it works ecoEngage



Allow users to refine their footprint, to reflect and reconsider their personal lifestyle choices.

Thought leadership

Prove how seriously you take both climate change and the changing needs of your customers.


Allow users to deeply engage within their banking app in context with sustainability. This boosts brand loyalty, reduces churn, and increases customer lifetime value.
"ecoEngage enables you to guide your customers to more sustainable lifestyles by offering the most engaging user experience. Stop guessing and start leveraging actionable data. It‘s time to get to know your customers better and offer them more than ever before."
Patrick von der Heyde
Product Owner - ecoEngage


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