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Channel consumer demand for climate action into loyalty and share of wallet from your customer base.

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HQ in Germany and the USA
Fulltime employees
Our Mission

Discouraged by the lack of global efforts to keep pace with the ever-growing urgency of climate change, ecolytiq’s co-founders decided to encourage action by giving the power to the people through rethinking the role retail banking has to play in the fight against climate change.

Realizing that climate change is one of the largest issues facing humanity, the ecolytiq team taps into its extensive experience to make climate action a reality in sustainable banking.

Our Founders

Spearheaded by our founders David Lais, Mirko Kämpf, and Friedrich Hubel - who have more than 40 years of experience in payment, banking, loyalty and scalable data analytics systems – ecolytiq is now a team of more than 60 people with offices in Berlin and Miami.

We’ve always aimed to do things a little differently at ecolytiq. Since we were set up in 2020, we’ve focused on changing attitudes within the financial industry and put climate action at the heart of everything we do.

A few of the amazing brands who trust ecolytiq:

Impact at ecolytiq's core

We use two primary levers to impact the state of sustainable consumer behavior:

Empowering Consumers

ecolytiq simplifies understanding the impact of purchases, offers sustainable guidance, and enables direct climate-positive actions.

Fostering Systemic Change

The OfCC ensures scientific alignment and engages stakeholders in impactful strategies.

Measuring Impact

In 2022, ecolytiq users avoided 500,000+ tons of CO2e emissions, while we produced 90.53 tonnes. We're dedicated to accurate measurement.


We openly acknowledge impact measurement challenges, commit to refining methods, and maintain unwavering transparency in our reporting.

ecolytiq Impact Report

Discover how ecolytiq addresses its responsibility to creating a better planet and how we are inspiring sustainability in financial institutions.

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