Climate action
for your customers.
Growth for your
banking business.

The embedded climate engagement suite used by financial institutions globally to meet consumer demand for climate action while increasing their share of wallet.

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Driving results with

sustainable banking.

Financial institutions using the ecolytiq climate engagement suite have seen:

reduction in CO2e per transaction
increased spend per user
increase in customer engagement in digital banking apps
* Collated statistics from clients using ecolytiq's climate engagement suite

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June 29
  • Lidl Groceries
    - 62,54 € 53 kg
June 27
  • BVG Berlin Local Public Transport
    - 3,00 € 8 kg
  • REWE City Groceries
    - 6,32 € 5 kg
  • Salary Other
    + 4.290,00 €
June 23
  • Alnatura Bio Groceries
    - 18,84 € 16 kg
  • BVG Berlin Local Public Transport
    - 3,00 € 8 kg
estimated savings:
Your estimated footprint
53 kg CO2e 106 parcel deliveries emitted through your transaction
Did you know...
Carbon removal projects are a great way to do your part to fight climate change. Be sure to browse our project selection.
Up to 12 month estimated footprint
5,52t CO2e
475 kg below the national average of 5,9 t
Transaction detail - 62,54 € Lidl
Contribution partner 40 kg CO2e ≈ 120 dishwasher cycles How do you want to neutralize your CO₂ footprint?
Contribution partner 10 kg CO2e I want to contribute 1,50 €
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Benefits for


Increase share
of wallet

Become the bank-of-choice for your customers by providing a product experience catered to their evolving preferences, resulting in a 19% increase in spend per customer.

Boost customer

Inspire customer loyalty, gather insights that help ideate new sustainability-focused products and boost user engagement in your digital banking apps by up to 145%.

Attract new

Differentiate and attract a fast-growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers. Nearly 50% of consumers globally would switch to a bank offering sustainability features.
Benefits for your


Increased transparency for customers

One in three consumers want to understand their daily environmental impact. Make it easier for customers with two balances – the financial and environmental cost of their transactions.

Enable individualized climate action

Meet consumer demand for sustainability by empowering your customers to reduce their carbon footprint with embedded climate action tools tailored to their preferences.

Improve reputation and trust

Demonstrate a commitment to the planet and customers with a more sustainable-focused product offering that deepens loyalty with your customers.
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"A significant shift is needed towards more sustainable behaviours to meet the global net-zero goals by 2050. ecolytiq enables banks and their customers to raise awareness of the positive impact they can make.“ Charlotte Hogg CEO Visa Europe
"We know that knowledge is key and we wanted to bring that awareness to our members. We are looking forward to working with ecolytiq on building upon the Carbon Counter tool in the future.” Karen Chen Visa Solutions Manager
“With Carbon Insights we make consumers part of the solution. Together our eight million private customers can make a difference and combat climate change by changing their spending patterns towards a smaller carbon footprint.” Barbara Baarsma CEO Rabo Carbon Bank
"Not only have we a chance to change our own trajectory but also a chance to live the topic of sustainability alongside our clients. We appreciate that we could cooperate with such creative partners as ecolytiq and Visa when creating this innovation." Peter Golha Acquisition, Segments and Non-credit Products Division Director