Sustainable Banking:
Every transaction has an impact

Sustainability is a one-time chance for retail banks – what is your action plan?

Imagine a technology analyzing payment transactions in real-time for their environmental impact.

Our Sustainabilty-as-a-Service solution enables you to offer sustainable finance products for tomorrow and drive millions of consumers to change their behavior for the better.


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What you get

Our technology analyzes individual banking transactions enabling you to become a sustainability hub.

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    One-stop solution for sustainable banking

    We believe purchase data is the holy grail to help consumers understand their environmental impact. Banks are part of the solution - help your customers save the world!

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    More customer engagement

    Generation Z is the most influential generation of all times. Use environmental knowledge to re-engage with your customers. They will love it and you will love the honest dialog.

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    Product launchpad for more revenues

    An eco Credit Card? Green bonds? Pension funds backed by environmental startups? Get the right context to offer sustainability related products & services and drive your revenues.

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    Leadership in sustainability

    Together we are going to change the world for the better, use it, show it and live it! Caring about the environment will be critical in holding and acquiring new customers. Your marketing team will love the new features!

How ecolytiq works

Our product is a comprehensive solution leveraging card & bank data to deliver best in class CO2 impact calculation as well as compensation offers and curated content on a personal and transactional level.

Card Transaction


aggregation engine
analytics engine
Transaction based
CO2 validation
Engagement hub
Content & Interaction System
Compensation hub
Curated marketplace of certified compensation providers
Precise CO2 calculation
Tailored content, advice & context
Individual compensation offers

How it feels

Your customers want to play an active role in climate change. We enable retail banks to calculate the impact of individual payment transactions and guide your customers to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Show CO2 impact

CO2 is a great indicator to give consumers an understanding about their personal impact.


Behavorial hints

Behavioral hints help consumers adapt to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. These hints are tailored around purchase categories and individual spending patterns to be relatable and adaptable.


Compensate or promote

Some behaviours can’t be easily changed but compensated. We believe transparent and understandable impact measurements combined with behavioral change guidelines and compensation is key.


Explain impact

Combined with a detailed description and real-life examples, consumers are able to understand the individual CO2 values.


Tomorrow – Sustainable banking

Tomorrow takes sustainable banking to the next level by offering consumers a unique experience in understanding their role in reducing CO2. The ecolytiq engine provides all necessary information to calculate the individual footprint of every consumer.

Individual CO2 values combined with an automatic compensation function (e.g. planting trees) gives Tomorrow customers positive feedback every day and is one of the main drivers behind their engagement with the product.

In addition, account holders see what the Tomorrow community already has achieved in terms of environmental protection & improvement.

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Organisation for sustainable consumption

ecolytiq is fully accredited by OK – the leading organization for sustainable consumption. Our unique impact algorithms are based on OK’s global standard in sustainability and environmental impact. Our compensation offers are carefully selected from OK’s certified long-term partners & initiatives.

OK Earth
“An amazing initiative of innovators and changemakers! Only by educating consumers, combined with the right modern technologies, will we win the fight against climate change.”
Annemieke Frank

Annemieke Frank
Founder Educocreation



SaaS version of our software constantly updated, hosting options EU, US or APAC


  • Cloud EU hosted SaaS version of the software
  • Turnkey API documentation
  • Constantly updated with most recent scientific impact data
  • Regular security updates
  • Fully GDPR compliant
from 0,02€ month (per account)* Get it now


A version of our software to be installed on premise - financial institutions’ IT infrastructure


  • Software installed and operated on your in-house hardware
  • Turnkey API documentation
  • Constantly updated with most recent scientific impact data
  • Regular security updates
  • Fully GDPR compliant
from 0,03€ month (per account)* Get it now

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Market Package

Agile workshop format together with our integration partner


  • Analysis of your data
  • Identification of sustainable-affine customer segments
  • Definition of your eco-strategy
  • Technical integration
  • Go-to-market strategy
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An app framework fully brandable to your individual needs


  • Modular SDKs or complete white-label app framework
  • Full API documentation & access
  • Regular updates
  • Regular security updates
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A brandable portal - instantly available for your customers


  • Open banking interface
  • Analysis of bank accounts
  • CO2 calculation, content & compensation
  • Fully brandable
  • Cloud EU hosted
  • Fully GDPR compliant
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We, the founders, believe that technology will be the game changer in solving the most daunting challenge of our times – CO2 reduction.

Most of our day-to-day activities are related to purchases – captured in payment transactions – which are crucial to drive change. Our technology analyses payment transactions in real-time using deep-learning patent pending algorithms to calculate CO2 footprints on an individual level.

Applied to bank accounts and credit card transactions, our technology enables millions of consumers to understand their impact, compensate and change their behaviour with just one click.

ecolytiq was founded by a team of payment experts with >50 years experience in banking, data analytics and enterprise software.

“ecolytiq is the driving force and enabler of sustainable retail banking in europe.” Ingo Deutschmann, Banking Expert
Ingo Deutschmann
“We need to work collectively and combine forces to fight climate change. Together we can maximize our impact.“ Madeleine Heuer, Partnerships Manager
“Transparency is key and financial data is a real treasure in fighting climate change.” David Lais, CPO
David Lais
“Driving change through language is my passion. Fighting global warming is my purpose.“ Yuki Hayashi, Head of Marketing & Public Relations
“Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Frederic Westerberg, Venture Architect
Frederic Westerberg
“We have come to a point in our life where we want to create something with a purpose.“ Ulrich Pietsch, CEO
Ulrich Pietsch
“I’m glad to support the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development with my everyday work.” Melanie Isenmann, Head of Impact
Melanie Isenmann
“The foundation of fighting climate change lies in science.” Patrick von der Heyde, Head of Research
Patrick von der Heyde

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