Climate Action Infrastructure for Sustainable Finance

The financial industry will play a major role in fighting climate change.

We provide banks and financial institutions with the digital infrastructure for green finance.

Our Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution enables financial institutions to offer their customers environmental footprinting as well as personalized impact offsetting and ESG investments.


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Why ecolytiq

Our technology analyzes individual banking transactions enabling you to become a sustainability hub.

sustainable banking solution
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  • sustainable banking solution

    All-in-One Sustainable Banking Solution

    Our comprehensive End-2-End solution covers the entire Sustainability-as-a-Service® value chain, from environmental impact calculations, content & context, behavioral change to footprint offsetting and ESG investment.

  • Open Payment Standard

    We use the Open Payment Standard released by the Open Sustainability Registry. We have adopted the Open Standard's methodologies, as it utilizes the newest in scientific research and machine learning to transform payment data into country-specific and personalized environmental footprints.

  • Improved Customer Profiling

    By using our solution, financial institutions can increase customer engagement and loyalty by getting to know their customers better: what matters to them, how far they are in their sustainability journeys and where they want to put their money.

  • platform revenue stream

    Platform for New Revenue Streams

    With our solution, financial institutions drive climate action. By using consumers’ rising interest in sustainability, banks can both offer unique and exciting financial products, while at the same time staying ahead of the curve in terms of compliance with new regulations.

How our
SaaS Solution Works

Our software is available either as a single API SaaS service, on-premise or via our Open Banking partners and processors. In addition, we offer a brandable White Label solution with no integration required on the bank's side.

Card Transaction


aggregation engine
analytics engine
Transaction based
impact validation
Engagement hub
Content & Interaction System
Compensation Hub
Curated marketplace of certified Compensation & ESG investment providers
Precise environmental impact calculation
Tailored content, advice & context
Individual compensation & investment offers

Our Sustainability Technology in Action



Our calculations, which are based on the Open Payment Standard, are constantly updated and country-specific as to empower customers with the best, personalized environmental impact information.



Bank customers learn more about their environmental footprint through refinement capabilities and smart insights, helping them to make more sustainable purchasing decisions. This in turn allows banks to develop detailed individual customer profiles.



Users are encouraged to offset their environmental footprint by donating to certified environmental organizations via our marketplace, which keeps them engaged through regular progress updates.



With ecoInvest, users can further progress in their sustainability journeys by selecting from profile-based ESG investment recommendations that align with their personal interests and values for environmental and social causes.


References & Partners

Tomorrow – Banking for the Future

Tomorrow is defining what banking will look like in the future. And the future is looking green. By providing users with their personal environmental footprints through the integration of ecolytiq’s Sustainable-as-a-Service software, Tomorrow empowers their customers to reflect on their consumption behavior and to engage more deeply with climate action.

It was a mixture of ecolytiq’s unique End-2-End value proposition, the country-specific calculations, the Open Standard, and the excellent statistical models that led Tomorrow to work with ecolytiq. Tomorrow sees the integration of the environmental footprinting feature within its app as a milestone in all things transparency and education. Tomorrow thereby helps customers see the tangible effects sustainable banking can have as customers have more choices and opportunities to let their money shape the future they want to see. 

Open Sustainability Registry (OSR)

ecolytiq is fully in compliance with the OSR’s industry-leading Open Payment standard. ecolytiq’s algorithms are based on the Open Payment Standard for country-specific transaction-to-impact calculations, released under the Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0. 

The OSR is a platform for relevant stakeholders to collaborate and compile environmental impact data, making products and their supply chains more transparent.


“Footprinting empowers our users to play an active part in averting the climate catastrophe. The feature not only shows the monetary price attached to transactions but also the CO₂ balance. We make the cost for our planet transparent and enable our customers to take responsibility themselves.”

Inas Nureldin
Co-Founder of Tomorrow

"Visa is committed to an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable future. We are proud to launch a CO2 footprinting feature in Europe in collaboration with ecolytiq and Tomorrow. This is a great example of how as a ‘network of network’ we can empower consumers to understand their environmental impact, providing them with the tools to make more informed and environmentally conscious decisions."

Douglas Sabo
Chief Sustainability Officer at Visa

“Many consumers, especially Millennials and Digital Natives, strive for a sustainable lifestyle, for the good of the planet. But most of us don’t even realise the impact of our daily behaviour. Banking transactions reflect peoples’ lives, so we are happy to play a part in helping consumers more accurately determine their impact on the environment with the help of technology.”

Martin Schmid
Chief Market Officer at FinTecSystems

“This partnership with ecolytiq is a perfect illustration of our CSR ambition in the business area to offer our customers sustainable solutions. For the years to come, we intend to leverage on that partnership to strengthen our position in the field of green banking and to secure new business opportunities to provide solutions with a positive impact for the environment and society at large.”

Sébastien Mandron
CSR Director at Worldline

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