Empower your customers to take action
for a better future.

This is what your frontend could look like

ecoAction allows bank customers to offset their footprint through donations. With the ESG investment option (coming soon), customers can help finance the infrastructure for a greener future.

Key product characteristics

  • Easy-to-use options to compensate 100% (or more) of customer footprint
  • Offsetting products are in line with the 17 UN SDGs and are all Gold Standard-certified
  • Offers bank customers the chance to perform immediate climate action
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How it works

ecoAction offers a range of easy-to-use options to compensate 100% or more of personal environmental footprints to Gold-standard certified offsetting partners.

Coming soon: within the ecoAction product line, bank customers will also be able to choose ESG investment funds with ecoInvest and pick a green energy provider with ecoSwitch. ecoAction encourages meaningful behavioral change and empowers bank customers to take real, immediate climate action.

how it works ecoAction
how it works ecoAction


Leadership in sustainabilty

Show your customers your commitment to the environment by offering impact offsetting and green investment products

Comprehensive solution

We offer your customers the best-in-class products for climate action - all within their digital banking app. No guesswork for you!

Advocacy for sustainability

Involve your customers in your efforts to support social causes and communities in need.
“Sustainable ESG investing isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. We bring banks into a position to extend their customer lifetime value by offering personalized sustainability products and by opening new revenue streams."
Anja Pethurupillai
Product Owner - ecoAction