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ecolytiq & Novus spearhead sustainable banking in the United Kingdom

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Berlin/London, 07.03. 2022 – New British banking app Novus collaborated with leading Sustainability-as-a-Service® provider ecolytiq to launch Novus’s sustainable banking app in the UK. All Novus customers in the United Kingdom receive transparency on their personal carbon footprint with each payment transaction.  This new way of banking helps consumers understand the carbon currency attached to every purchase.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign in December 2021, B Corp-certified fintech Novus has now launched their green banking app. With the help of innovative banking technologies, Novus seeks to positively influence consumers’ lifestyles by helping them make more climate-conscious purchasing decisions. To achieve their goal of creating an ecosystem that connects consumers’ spending habits with purpose-driven brands and projects, Novus chose ecolytiq.

“We think that being aware of your environmental footprint is the first step towards a more sustainable and carbon-neutral life”, says Shruti Rai, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Novus. She adds: “By partnering with ecolytiq and by using their technology, we are excited to provide this information to our end users. Instead of just advising people to eat less meat or travel less as a one-size-fits-all solution, we want our community to be able to identify specific areas where they can change their lifestyle to live more sustainably.”

Having integrated the ecolytiq software, Novus provides users with individualised carbon footprint calculations for each payment transaction in real time. Novus’ customers are engaging with localised environmental insights and feedback loops within the app, engaging them in more climate-conscious lifestyles every day. Together, the ecolytiq-Novus partnership makes money a force for good.

Image: Novus

Ulrich Pietsch, CEO at ecolytiq, adds: “By combining forces with Novus, ecolytiq is thrilled to support another trailblazing fintech that is genuinely embracing climate action and fully understands what it means to be a sustainable business in the 21st century. Novus serves as a role model for financial service providers of the future, looking to involve and engage the customers in inclusive and holistic banking. We are proud to join them in that mission!”


About ecolytiq

The Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution from ecolytiq enables banks, fintech companies and financial service providers to show their customers the individual impact their purchasing behavior is having on the environment in real time. The ecolytiq software calculates personal environmental impacts, such as CO2 values, on the basis of payment transactions.  In November 2020, ecolytiq joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect programme in Europe, enabling banks to seamlessly implement their sustainability strategies using payment data. www.ecolytiq.com

Media contact ecolytiq: Yuki Hayashi I ecolytiq GmbH I [email protected]
phone: +49 30 2201232-80

About Novus

Novus is an impact neobank that aims to turn everyday spending into a force for good, by connecting its members to a growing sustainability ecosystem of people, brands and projects building a better world. Novus is B Corp™ Certified and available for free on iOS and Android. www.novus.world  

Media contact Novus: Shruti Rai I Novus World  I [email protected]
phone: +44 7551 46201

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