January 29, 2024
ecolytiq partners with Dayrize to improve climate awareness for banking customers

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Dayrize, a transformative step that will reshape how banking customers view the environmental impact of their transactions directly within their banking apps.

What's changing? The drive for line-item granularity

The ecolytiq platform is evolving, and here's why it matters. We've joined forces with Dayrize to introduce an infrastructure upgrade to our integrated platform.

This enhancement enables a seamless integration with retailer data, empowering customers to comprehend the environmental impact of their transactions, especially in the case of grocery products at the line-item level.

ecolytiq's integrated climate engagement platform already empowers users to access personalized carbon insights based on their transactions at a merchant level. Through bespoke educational content and recommendations, individuals can embark on climate-positive actions in their daily lives.

Dayrize's unique platform offers holistic, product-level impact assessments and insights across 5 key dimensions of sustainability, including granular reporting of water depletion and CO2 emissions for all consumer products.

Our partnership with Dayrize is a pivotal step that equips banks with the tools to provide customers and merchants with an even more comprehensive understanding of the climate and social impact of every one of their individual purchases, providing the following benefits for customers and banks:

• Enhanced engagement: Customers now enjoy a more personalized and engaging experience as they delve into their environmental footprint, fostering a deeper connection with the app's content.

• Improved loyalty: Increased customer engagement and loyalty are natural outcomes of this sustainability-focused feature. By simplifying access to climate insights, we nurture a culture of eco-awareness that genuinely reduces users' environmental footprint.

• Product-level insights: Through this new partnership, we can integrate retailer data more easily, meaning customers will be able to distinguish between high and low carbon-intensive products in the future, making way for more conscious and sustainable shopping habits.

• Merchant engagement: Our partnership with Dayrize doesn't just benefit banking customers. It also provides a platform for merchants to actively participate in the decarbonization process and showcase their commitment to sustainability.

“We always thrive for more accuracy, but accuracy is highly dependent on data availability. With Dayrize we can now go one step further and build a bridge towards merchants and the ecosystem behind it. At the end we all need to work together to solve the climate crisis giving merchants and their data a place on the table is just the next logical step and we are very excited to make this happen with our new friends from Dayrize," said David Lais, CEO of ecolytiq.
"I am excited to announce our partnership with ecolytiq, revolutionizing the way banking customers engage with the environmental footprint of their transactions. Combining Dayrize’s precise impact analytics at the product level with ecolytiq’s powerful platform, we're making sustainability more accessible by integrating impact insights into everyday banking apps. At Dayrize, we believe that transparency fosters positive change, and our collaboration with ecolytiq is an important step to empower business and consumers to make more informed choices." Austin Simms, CEO Dayrize

Stay tuned for more updates about partnerships and new features on the ecolytiq platform.

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