ecolytiq and Visa bring Sustainability-as-a-Service to banks in Europe
ecolytiq joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect program, enabling banks to seamlessly implement their sustainability strategies using payment data

Berlin,  11/11/2020

Berlin-based fintech ecolytiq has officially joined the new Visa Fintech Partner Connect program in Europe. Being part of this international program allows ecolytiq to help banks further develop their sustainable banking strategies by leveraging payment data to calculate individual carbon footprints in real-time.

With Visa’s freshly launched Fintech Partner Connect program, ecolytiq is now able to combine its sustainability technology with Visa’s global expertise in payments: With 200+ countries and territories across the globe, Visa connects people everywhere.

“We are honored to be the first fintech member for sustainability of Visa’s new program,” says ecolytiq founder and CEO, Ulrich Pietsch. “Sustainability goes well beyond ESG investment products. Banks have a one-time chance using payment data for good in the fight against climate change creating new, innovative business models around it. Payment data is the largest accessible data source available on the planet to calculate consumer footprints to create transparency on an individual level. With this new partnership, we are looking forward to advancing sustainable and responsible banking in Europe with our partner Visa Fintech Partner Connect.”

ecolytiq closes the gap between the consumer and the bank by making individual carbon footprints visible, and by providing user-friendly insights, content and context helping consumers ease into a more sustainable lifestyle. This Sustainability-as-a-Service technology allows bank customers to understand their impact, change their behavior, and compensate for their carbon footprint. ecolytiq’s solution promotes positive customer engagement, enabling banks to establish new revenue streams with an easy-to-integrate API or via an OpenBanking interface.

ecolytiq’s comprehensive Sustainability-as-a-Service solution analyses payment transactions in real-time to calculate the environmental impact on an individual level. ecolytiq’s approach goes beyond the calculation of CO2 footprints, it follows the principle: Measure, Educate, and Act. To enable consumers not only to understand their impact, but also guide them to a more sustainable lifestyle with immediate actions – which ultimately supports the individual, the bank and most importantly the environment.

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