ecolytiq for
Consumer Banking

Enable your customers to make a positive climate impact through their banking activities.

The need for climate action.

Customers are increasingly demanding banks to offer climate engagement products and features:
of consumers believe sustainability is important to them.
(Visa US Sustainability Research Study - 2022)
of consumers believe sustainability is important to them.
(Tink UK Sustainability Research - 2023)
of customers would switch to a bank that provides tools to track their carbon footprint.
(Tink UK Sustainability Research - 2023)

Integrate environmental action into your bank accounts

Lead the way in sustainable finance with environmentally-conscious features directly in your app that go beyond traditional banking, offering carbon-neutral options and tailored sustainability insights.

A platform for reducing carbon footprints

Take your commitment to sustainability further with carbon credits, providing customers with the opportunity to support carbon reduction projects worldwide.

Tailored sustainability insights

Measure what matters with easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.
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Help customers invest in global climate projects

Empower customers to take direct climate action through ecoAction within their banking experience that supports the green infrastructure of the future.

Enable your customers to take direct climate action

Provide your users with the education and tools they need to take meaningful climate-positive actions and contributions.  

Climate-Action Rewards on Credit Cards

Transform your credit card offerings with a climate engagement experience that helps change customers’ impact on the environment through rewards:

Promote conscious consumption

Highlight the CO2 impact of individual transactions through credit card account statements and mobile apps, offering recommendations to make more eco-conscious choices.
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Rewards for sustainability

Enhance customer engagement by integrating incentive programs and rewards that promote individual climate action and reducing the environmental impact of purchases.

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