White Label

Inspire your customers by offering the ultimate engagement hub for climate action.

This is what your frontend could look like

The end-to-end integration of our full product suite in an engaging customer-centric app that will leave them wanting more climate action.
The platform guides the user from viewing their carbon footprint to taking direct action to reduce their impact.

Integration requirements

  • Standalone (web-) app. No frontend integration required
  • Back-end connectivity PSD2/ Open Banking or VISA API – no integration effort on the bank's side
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Create lasting customer loyalty

With ClimateHero, engage customers by complementing their favorite banking app with their new favorite sustainability app.

Gain more consumer insights

Be it either with the answers to the survey or by analyzing consumption profiles, you will learn more about what intrinsically drives your customers.

Effortless implementation

Easily implement our solutions, that even feature hybrid solutions (White Label mixed with API), providing direct and sustainable impact.

Example Screens

  • White label Screen 2
“Time is important - both for business and climate change. Our off-the-shelf products integrate the market's most sought after features into your infrastructure in a matter of only days or weeks!”
Anja Pethurupillai
Product Owner - White Label


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