About ecolytiq

Discouraged by the lack of global efforts to keep pace with the ever-growing urgency of climate change, ecolytiq co-founders decided to encourage action by giving the power to the people through rethinking the role retail banking has to play in the fight against climate change.

The founders are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with more than 40 years of experience in payment, banking, loyalty and scalable data analytics systems. The management team consists of co-founders David Lais, Mirko Kämpf, and Friedrich Hubel.

Realizing that climate change is one of the largest issues facing humanity, the founders are tapping into their wealth of experience to do their part in transforming the financial industry into a sustainability powerhouse.

Joining forces with the founders, the dedicated and passionate ecolytiq team is working every day to make climate action a reality in sustainable banking.

Our History


The Open Payment Standard

David Lais developed a methodology to calculate carbon footprints based on payment data, which then led to the inception of ecolytiq.

David Lais on ethical banking
March 2020

ecolytiq founded

SaaS company with the Sustainability-as-a-Service® for banks is founded.

April 2020

First ecolytiq client

Green challenger bank
Tomorrow in Germany becomes first ecolytiq client.

October 2020

Partnership with Visa

ecolytiq becomes first sustainable banking partner of Visa Fintech Partner Connect in Europe.

March 2021

Signing new banks

ecolytiq signs new banks in France, UK & Germany and wins prominent angels from the banking and insurance space.

April 2021 – May 2021

Growth and expansion

After growing a dedicated and passionate team at ecolytiq, the company now is expanding its reach to overseas markets, to bring Sustainability-as-a-Service(R) to as many banks and consumers as possible.

August 2021

Launch of Worldline partnership

Provision of transparent ​and​relevant data for sustainable banking services across Europe.

November 2021

Visa announces Eco Benefits bundle

Sustainability​ focused benefits bundle equipping Visa card issuers with key ecolytiq technology features,​ e.g. carbon footprint calculator.